The financial sector has undergone profound changes in recent years as regulations have intensified and margins have come under increasing pressure. Our team of expert consultants work with industry professionals to ensure and optimise their compliance. We identify and deliver the transformation opportunities needed to maintain their competitive advantage and profitability, whether digital, operational or organisational. And we bring our skills and experience to bear on these projects.

– Private banks
– Retail banks
– Investment banks
– Asset management companies
– Payment companies


Un support à la demande pour répondre à vos questions et analyser vos cas pratiques


Animation de sessions de formations pour sensibiliser le personnel de votre établissement

Veille réglementaire

Un service de veille juridique et fonctionnelle adaptée aux spécificités monégasques

Assistance à la mise en conformité

Elaboration de cartographies des risques, réalisation de diagnostics de conformité...

Real estate


In a highly competitive market, property dealers and agents must stand out from the crowd by offering their customers new ways of doing business and by digitising their processes. They must also meet increasingly complex regulatory obligations.
We help them to better understand these obligations and support them in their implementation. We identify areas for optimisation of their organisation and work to develop their competitive advantages.

– Real estate agencies
– Property dealers

Pilotage de projets

Gestion de projet, communication et gestion du changement

Data Quality Management

Remédiation de dossiers clients et cleaning de bases de données

Support opérationnel

Un service de veille juridique et fonctionnelle adaptée aux spécificités monégasques

Art and luxury


Digitalisation of the economy, changes in customer expectations, regulatory pressure: the art and luxury sector must adapt in a rapidly changing environment. We support professionals in their compliance and major transformation projects (digital transformation, definition of new business models, optimisation of operational processes and resources).

– Art galleries
– Auction houses
– Jewellery and watch shops
– Leather goods stores
– Gaming sector

Travel and

Transport sector

Travel and transport sector
The travel and transport industry (yachting, civil and business aviation, automotive) is currently facing many challenges. In a growing market, the reality of digital transformation to enable operational and budgetary optimisation is becoming a priority in order to remain competitive and bring additional value to the customer. The need for professionals to comply with their regulatory obligations remains a priority.

– Yachting / Chartering
– Civil and Business Aviation
– Automotive

Professional service


TCSPs, chartered accountants, sports agents, legal and accounting professionals… all of them now face new constraints, both regulatory and strategic (non-optimised processes, unsuitable technological tools, etc.). We help professionals to meet these new challenges.

– Chartered Accountants
– Trusts and Corporate Service Providers
– Multi-Family Offices
– Sports agents
– Lawyers, Notaries, Bailiffs



Over the last 10 years, industrial companies have seen their competition and their customers evolve drastically. New international markets, a new type of competitor with lower operating costs and the emergence of new technologies force manufacturers to constantly reinvent themselves. Whether they are small or large, we support manufacturers in their search for competitiveness:

  • Cost reduction (Design-To-Cost, procurement, reorganisation)
  • Process optimisation (Supply Chain, IT, Lean Management)
  • Management of complex projects
  • Strategic thinking (innovation, market-entry, benchmarking)

– Consumer goods
– Energy and extractive industries
– Health & Care
– Mobility and Transport
– Heavy industry



States and public entities must continuously reinvent themselves in order to respond to societal changes while adapting to a supranational and sometimes restrictive budgetary context. We support government entities in their strategic thinking and in the implementation of their programmes.


We manage local projects and use our experience to promote exchanges between the private and public sectors.


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